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Michael Rozbruch

As the founder of Tax Resolution Services, Co. I know that IRS tax problems can cause an immense amount of fear and anxiety.

Our mission and passion at TRS is to provide tax help to those who feel hopeless against the IRS. We have represented thousands of taxpayers who owe the IRS, but simply cannot afford to pay.

This site is designed to provide you with IRS tax attorney resources and tips to help you get the tax relief you need.

Certified Tax Resolution Specialists – Why Certified Matters

By Michael Rozbruch | November 9, 2011

Tax Resolution Services is dedicated to educating our clients and readers on the latest news and tips surrounding your IRS tax problems. We are committed to quality service and as such all of our tax resolution specialists are Certified Tax Resolution Specialists. Certified Tax Resolution Specialists are certified by the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS), a national, not-for-profit organization of professionals who specialize in representing taxpayers before the IRS.

Certified Tax Resolution Specialist are licensed professionals (tax attorneys, CPAs and enrolled agents) who must take and pass an exam administered by the ASTPS, prove directly related experience in the tax relief niche (two years), and be in good standing with their respective state that licenses/regulates them.

In addition, a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist is uniquely qualified to successfully solve IRS problems – from negotiating tax settlements and IRS payment plans to removing or modifying IRS and bank levies. So whether you are looking for a tax attorney or a firm comprised of attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents you can research the ASTPS site and click on Find a Tax Problem Solver (under Contact) to determine if they are Certified Tax Resolution Specialists.

Here are some more resources to help find the right tax professional:
How to Hire a Tax Resolution Company You Can Trust
Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition Advocates for Industry Best Practices

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IRS Tax Problems for Sick Retiree – Client Testimonial

By Michael Rozbruch | November 4, 2011

What we do as Certified Tax Resolution Specialists and Tax Attorneys is more than help relieve IRS tax problems. The process is also about giving hope back to people who are dealing with tax problems like back taxes or liens on their bank accounts. We are always so touched to hear how we made a difference in the lives of our clients who once had to deal with so much stress from tax issues.

Our client Bill is a perfect example of how we were able to lift the tax burden from his shoulders so he could get back to living his life without the constant worry of back taxes and penalties. You can listen to Bill’s personal account of how we at Tax Resolution Services were able to restore Bill’s hope:

Tax Resolution Service Client Testimonial: Bill

If you or someone you know has lost hope from IRS tax problems please contact Tax Resolution Services for tax relief today.

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IRS Budget Cuts to Slow Down Operations

By Michael Rozbruch | October 27, 2011

As always I advise my readers to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to tax news and changes to help you stay out of tax problems in the future. So, as a heads up to everyone out there, I am reiterating a post from my Tax Resolution University blog on the new budget cuts that the IRS is facing:

Budget cuts are a common topic these days regarding anything surrounding the United States government, so it goes as no surprise to hear that the IRS is next on the list of drastic budget reductions. On the Wall Street Journal’s blog The Tax Blog, Jonnelle Marte keeps us informed on the latest news in her post IRS Cuts: Good News for Deadbeats?

According to the article, Congress plans to reduce the IRS budget by $500 million in 2012. This drastic cut back in governmental funding will likely prove to be a huge problem for the IRS, which impacts taxpayers across the nation.

Marte summarizes a quote from commissioner Douglas Shulman in which he says the budget cuts “would lead to a 5% to 8% decrease in collection efforts, including audits, which would reduce revenue by about $4 billion.”

And while slacker taxpayers may find a secret joy in the budget cuts, the rest of us can expect sluggish customer service, account resolution slow down and issues organizing payment plans etc.

As we always advise our readers, staying up to date on tax news and laws is a great way to stay ahead of tax problems in the future, especially during a time in which taxpayers can be expecting great delays in the IRS processing.

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Looking for Work? IRS Tax Relief Tips

By Michael Rozbruch | October 25, 2011

Last week I featured a great article from Laura Saunders of the Wall Street Journal on my other blog, Tax Resolution University, highlighting some great tips to gain some serious tax relief for those on the job hunt. Tax relief can come in many forms for taxpayers and deductions are a great way to take some tax burden off of your shoulders. In her article titled Write Off Your Job Hunt! Saunders gives some great tips for getting the most out your job hunt deduction wise. We summarized a few great tips for you below:

To see other great tax relief tips for job seekers check out Saunders’ full article Write Off Your Job Hunt!
Staying educated on tax news and tips is a great way to stay ahead of tax problems before they begin. For more information on tax help visit our website at

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Act Quickly to Prevent Tax Liens

By Michael Rozbruch | October 12, 2011

When people receive a collection notice from the government about IRS back taxes, they often become blinded by fear, don’t know where to turn, and do nothing– hoping the tax problem will go away. As a result of their inaction, these financially stressed individuals could find themselves staring down an IRS tax lien.

In a recent informative blog post on how to prevent tax liens, I thought it was important that consumers facing IRS collection know what the consequences are and focused on three key topics:

In the post called How to Prevent Tax Liens I cover:

The good news is that there are experts who can help but you must act quickly. Securing the right tax attorney or Tax Resolution Specialist with knowledge and expertise with tax liens can help put this situation securely behind you.

When searching for a tax resolution firm, only consider ones who are part of the Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition (TPRSC). Tax Resolution Services ( is part of the (TPRSC) professional community Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition and known for being the most credible firm providing incredible results.

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Tougher IRS Regulation on Worker Misclassification

By Michael Rozbruch | October 1, 2011

Last week the IRS announced a new program aimed at business owners that requires reclassification of independent contractors as employees. I discussed the IRS New voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program, which is particularly relevant in the case of small business owners, in detail last week.

The IRS is dedicated to tougher regulation on misclassification as the number of independent contractors has increased significantly during the recession. With this voluntary program, employers can correct any misclassified employees or independent contractors and prevent a costly future audit or penalty.

Find out more about the program and the skepticism of business owners at The Wall Street Journal article, the Price of Reclassifying Workers, written by Sarah E. Needleman and Emily Maltby.

For help with back taxes or payroll tax problems, contact a tax attorney today for immediate assistance.

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Taxpayers Receive Tax Relief if Tax-Preparer Affected by Hurricane Irene

By Michael Rozbruch | September 15, 2011

Last week the IRS announced that taxpayer’s preparers affected by the recent Hurricane Irene disaster will receive a one week extension for today’s filing deadline. I recently wrote about this IRS tax relief news on my Tax Resolution University blog.  Returns normally due by September 15 will be granted extension until September 22, 2011. This relief is available to taxpayers regardless of their location but does not apply to any tax payment deadlines.

For more information on this IRS tax relief extension visit Tax Relief in Disaster and the IRS website at

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Hurricane Irene Victims Receive Tax Relief

By Michael Rozbruch | September 15, 2011

Last week on my Tax Resolution University blog  I wrote about new tax relief available to victims of Hurricane Irene.  Today, September 15, is a filing and estimated tax deadline, but because of the recent disaster,  Hurricane Irene victims have been granted tax relief extensions for filing. Included in the tax relief are corporations and businesses with a September 15 deadline for 2010 returns and those with estimated tax payment due dates. The extension will be granted until October 31, 2011.

Check to see tax relief announcements for your area to see if you qualify for the extension and check the website here for more information about tax relief in disaster areas and how to claim a disaster loss.

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More Tips for Consumers Who Have Back Taxes or Tax Debt

By Michael Rozbruch | August 31, 2011

In a press release written a few weeks back, Never Too Late to File a Tax Return, I felt the need  to provide additional information to the IRS’s advisory list Ten Tips for Taxpayers Who Owe Back Taxes or Have Other Tax Debt newsletter (published a few weeks ago).

While the IRS objectives on this subject are simple; collect every cent of taxes owed as soon as possible, it appeared some important information was missing from the helpful tips in the newsletter. Such missing information included a taxpayer’s ability for immediate repayment and an introduction to other programs that might save taxpayers money such as Partial Pay Installment Agreements (PPIAs – regular payments over a set time), and Offers in Compromise (OIC).

If you have unresolved tax debt, it is important you seek advice from a certified tax resolution specialist who can discuss an IRS payment plan and help you take advantage of the IRS programs available to you. Know your options!

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Understand Investments before IRS Tax Problems Occur

By Michael Rozbruch | August 23, 2011

As a tax attorney some of the best advice I can offer for staying out of IRS tax trouble  is to stay educated on the current rules and regulations surrounding tax law. Below is a post I recently wrote for my  Tax Resolution University blog on staying up on the rules for investment taxation before IRS problems occur.

An exchange-traded fund is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges, much like stocks.  An ETF holds assets such as stocks, commodities, or bonds, and trades close to its net asset value over the course of the trading day (Wikipedia).  ETF’s are becoming a more popular form of investing, but the structures of the funds can be taxed very differently from your normal run-of-the-mill mutual funds. Laura Saunders and Jason Zweig of the Wall Street Journal outline some very important answers to questions regarding your income investments in What to Ask Before Buying. Knowing the rules and staying savvy to investments can save you some serious tax relief when it comes time to file your tax returns. Here are few great tax tips and examples from the article to help you stay on your toes and away from IRS Tax Problems:

To read more tax tips when it comes to the complicated world of investing you can read the whole article here.

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